Knights of the Fallen Stars

The Knights of the Fallen Stars are an organization created by the Coalition as a fast reaction force to combat the Githyanki. It is lead by Kalad of Overlook. The member nations of the Coalition have contributed the following forces to the unit.

12 Rage Drake Heavy Calvary (low training levels. Tactics still being worked out. Probable use as shock troops)
one platoon (40) of Dwarven Defenders. (Highly trained and organized. Well equipped with plate, shield and axe)

80 Elven archers (Highly trained but no unit organization to speak of.)

28 Light Calvary (Moderately trained, armed and organized)
28 Crossbowmen (Moderately trained and extremely well organized)

Has promised a unit of mixed mages and warlocks. They have yet to arrive.

Dragon Coast:
33 Dragon Knights (Heavy Horse calvary) (Well trained, Extremely well equipped and actively antagonistic to each other).

Concentrating on working out organization for dragon knights and basic training for Cormyr troops.

Knights of the Fallen Stars

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