The continuing adventures of the Raiders of Rivinroar (Known among themselves (and somewhat more accurately) as the Socially Retarded Angels of Death) are chronicled here. Read where they gained their fame and name by becoming The Raiders of Rivenroar on a quest for profit and fame! Follow their adventures as they play their part during the Siege of Boridrin’s Watch! Observe their volcanic righteous rage as they seek revenge on behalf of their beloved landlord and descend into the Shadow Rift of Umbraforge! Be shocked by their greed and avarice as they rediscover and claim The Karak Lode! Marvel at their sheer brutality as they slaughter a rogue tribe apocalypse-baiting Gnolls in the tale of the Den of the Destroyer. Finally, watch the story as it unfolds in The Temple Between.

The Socially Retarded Angels of Death (and profit)

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